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horselove's Journal

Windbrook Horse Community
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HI.. this is a community for loving horses and loving all kinds of things with them.. also we can have horse icons and horse banners and all that jazz if you guys would like so please send those add buddy things and we will be alright

+ No Harrasing other community members
+ You can have the privelage of foul use but it may not be extreme !
+ No politics talk
+ No bashing other users
+ Whatever I say GOES !

[What is your name]:
[How old you are]:
[Do you own a horse?]:
[If so what breed, how old, what is the gender and how long have you had him/her?]:
[If you answered the above question, what is the name of you horse or if you have more what is there name(s)]:
[(for all) If you do not own a horse.. and still ride, where do you ride?]:
[What discipline do you ride in?]:
[What kind've horses do you ride at your place?]:
[What is the name, age, breed of the horses you ride (if can't name all that's fine)?]:





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