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Horses On Campus!

So I was in my dorm room today and I looked out my window for no reason and this big chestnut horse just went walking by, and I was so mad cuz I didn't get his picture.  Ok so I went to go get lunch today and they were having some kind of police exhibit/info thing in front of the student center (which is why the mounted police were there), and I raced back and grabbed my camera, and so I have a few pix (sorry I don't have more, but I didn't want to bug them, and I have class in a little bit...)


I love the little paint, its so cute!

They were out for a walk.

Ok so this lady walked in my picture, but anyways this cutie pie is a ex-racehorse Standardbred :)

Now if I could just have gotten a picture of Pegasus the day he was walkin around to celebrate Game Day I would be totally thrilled :)  I'm just gonna have to take my camera everywhere now lol!

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Awww... they are all so cute.. I would love to be a mounted police.. that would be fun, but a little dangerous in some places.. but cute pics and STUPID LADY, LOL!

yah I was so happy to see them they made my day lol!