Melissa- - (xo_vindicated) wrote in horselove,
Melissa- -

Hello, Horse love! :)

[What is your name]: Melissa
[How old you are]: 14
[Do you own a horse?]: No but i ride :)
[If so what breed, how old, what is the gender and how long have you had him/her?]: uh i'll describe the horse i ride she is a purebred haflinger 2 years old and obviously female :)
[If you answered the above question, what is the name of you horse or if you have more what is there name(s)]: Princess
[(for all) If you do not own a horse.. and still ride, where do you ride?]: uh anywhere i can!
[What discipline do you ride in?]: English and hopefully jumping soon.
[What kind've horses do you ride at your place?]: Haflingers and canadians
[What is the name, age, breed of the horses you ride (if can't name all that's fine)?]: Princess pure haflinger filly
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